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Effective Energy Limited is an innovative software development company, focusing on big data, AI, neural networks, distributed computing, blockchain applications and distributed ledger technology.

The head office of the company is located in Hong Kong, the city being one of the most developed technological and financial centers of the world. The company has an expert team of highly qualified blockchain developers, that have been developing D-Apps for more than 10 years. The company founders have 15+ years experience of enterprise IT architecture, big data, AI, integration and solution delivery in telecoms and banking.

Using all the experience and knowledge of our team, the company develops beautiful IT products and delivers solutions, that are used by top players of all market sectors around the world!


Mikhail Gromyko

Chief Executive Officer

Egor Loktev

Chief Product Officer

Arseniy Voytenko

Head of Communications

Why chose us


Stack Of Technologies

A team of experts, working in the Effective Energy Ltd, has all the skills to work with the most advanced technologies


Software Quality

Our developments are our pride. We value the business of our customers and responsibly approach the QA of our products


Award Winning Team

Our team members are winners of many world programming contests, which shows the true skills of our developers

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